How to Easily Pack a Bass – Video

As a string teacher, or a bass student, have you ever been intimidated by packing a bass?  Does it take you a while as you fuss over how it goes on and how to get it off?  Do you find yourself in a sweat and in the middle of an embarassing crowd of people trying to help you?

Well, this video is for you!  Packing and unpacking a bass is super easy if you follow these steps!



Now that I’ve made it really easy for you, make sure to take your bass home more often to practice!


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  1. Liz
    | Reply

    Super easy! Thanks for this. Not sure if the increased practice will happen, but that’s the dream.

    • SmartMusicTeacher
      | Reply

      I’ve had some keen Gr. 9’s this year, who keep taking the bass home. I think I will make it expected that they each take the bass home a month at a time from now on….

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