I teach middle school and high school beginners to advanced strings. I’m always looking for easier ways to present technique, and I find Grace’s system is better organised than others I have looked at. Her class was a great review and I registered for the full program so that I can learn more.  After taking this class, I feel my class will have a better flow, and it will be easier for the kids to grasp concepts. I have already recommended this program to others because I believe it’s well presented, straight to the point and coming from a great experienced teacher, which I value more than many books on the subject.

Giovanni Bobisse - Italy

I am a woodwind player teaching elementary strings from grades 4-6.  Before Grace’s class, my challenges were bow hold and positioning, which made me feel like I wasn’t better able to help my students. Grace had a lot of easy to implement ideas! The online interactive format was very helpful. I’m sure I will be able to apply my new knowledge once school reopens to improve my student’s playing positions. I would definitely recommend this class. Grace had a lot of easy to implement teaching strategies and she was extremely helpful in correcting my own playing!

Karen McKenna - New York

Before Grace’s course I was having a hard time transferring my knowledge as a violinist to a beginner level explanation, without overwhelming the students with information. Grace’s Smart String Teacher method is an organized and clear system that makes sense. I loved that we actually learned by playing secondary instruments instead of just listening to someone lecture. After this course I think there will be much less frustration for both students and teachers. Grace has a clear and very natural manner of relaying information and teaching. I absolutely recommend this course to other string teachers.,

Julia Sullivan - Massachusetts

I teach a mix of ability and mixed grade strings classes. As a band major, my lack of experience in playing stringed instruments makes it challenging to teach strings. It was very nerve-wracking going into a teaching assignment that had both strings and band classes. Grace’s specific tips on starting to play a string instrument were very useful. It helped me to sort out the complicated process of playing a tricky instrument. Her course is very hands-on and the practical elements are immediately applicable in a classroom. I know that I will now be able to provide valuable feedback confidently to students’ posture and playing technique. I highly recommend this course to others as there are many valuable tips for novice and experienced teachers alike!

Lindsey Wen - Richmond Hill

I am a non-strings player and I teach grade 9 to 12 strings in mixed grade and ability classes. Some students enter the program with playing experience in middle school but many have no prior experience. I understand many of the concepts I need to teach but I struggle to demonstrate on the instruments due to my lack of playing experience. I have always relied on videos to demonstate for me. Through Grace’s course I have gained a better understanding of the fundamentals of hand position and posture and some of the common errors to watch for and correct. The valuable tips that I have gotten from Grace via live feedback is what makes this different from the textbooks and videos I have read and watched in the past.  I now feel more confident demonstrating proper posture/bow hold, navigating the fingerboard, and troubleshooting common errors. I definitely recommend this course to all new non-string music educators teaching strings!

Michael Jameer

This was a great opportunity to experience a step-by-step process for teaching beginner strings. Valuable insight from the perspective of both teacher and student! I was encouraged to see how the Smart String Teacher system connects to the different teaching approaches and strategies used in classrooms without an existing strings program. The process is key!

Elizabeth Seo - Toronto

I teach 6th 7th 8th grade strings as a non-string player.  Before Grace’s class, my biggest challenge was teaching bow hold and left hand placement. This class has given me valuable tips on how to correct student mistakes. I liked how this course was hands-on and not just talking. I feel more confident now that I will be able to help my students’ technique improve. Grace is very relatable, and I highly recommend this course to others!

Melanie Johnston - Tempe Middle School

Grace’s class is very focused and hands-on. It gives all of the tools one needs to be successful in the string classroom in a way that is engaging and creative. Grace has tried and true teaching strategies that are a testament to her expertise as a string player and years of teaching experience.

Will Snodgrass

I teach privately only, beginner violin and viola. I live way out in the boonies so teaching online is going to be the only practical way to teach. Taking Grace’s class gives me a great way to both be inspired and to have practical tools to easily impart information online! It has given me a format to fall back on to get people of all ages started on strings. The ease of presenting the material was helpful, and I could see using this with anyone who wants to learn a stringed instrument. I have a new student starting online on Sunday, and hope to find other new students! Yes I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to teach orchestral strings. The class is well crafted, the material clearly presented. And it’s fun!

Mac McCord - Louisburg, North Carolina