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Hello. I am a beginning Viola student and I wanted to take the time to tell you how wonderful your teaching system is. If I were to reorganize a music system for my own comprehension, I would have done it just like yours!! Your insights into how a beginner needs to perceive patterns is fantastic!! You have catapulted my comprehension immensely. And your love of Celtic Music is after my own heart!!
Thank you for your insight and inspiration!!

Rob Windsor is the one place you will find everything you need: blog posts, reviews, teaching materials, inspiration, and just great ideas that I’ve never come across before. Not only are they great ideas – they work! I’ve tried them with my students, and with myself as a professional violinist and educator, and especially can’t wait to implement the Smart Scales into my teaching materials!

Alessia D. - Toronto

I’m decades older than most of Grace Law’s students, and adults who have been playing for a while are much harder to teach than kids. But her scale method is changing my technique for the better in all sorts of ways!

Pamela Young - Toronto

Smart String Teacher’s Advanced Fingering Charts are invaluable for illustrating finger patterns. The charts are particularly useful when figuring out shifting arrangements. I refer to them constantly when learning a new piece and while practicing. The Advanced Fingering Charts takes the mystery out of shifting!

Sharon Scanlan

Smart Music Teacher contains a lot of very useful resources that Instrumental teachers can use in their classrooms. I have used Smart Fingering Charts for Strings with Middle School and High School students. The students found them very useful and easy to read. It helps enhance their understanding and visual memory of notes and fingerings very quickly. The videos and tips have helped me as a teacher to help students solve technical problems and new ways to teach and introduce music theory materials. I am so glad I found such helpful resources at SMT.

Vivian Peng - Toronto

Smart Scales for Violin is a wonderful tool for any aspiring string student. The method is comprehensive, smartly organized and effective. The results are immediate and students enjoy this easy approach to scales.

Ivana Popovic - Toronto

SMTheory’s method of teaching rhythm is one that addresses all the small details that we as educators might think are obvious to students. It also provides opportunities for students to practice their understanding in many different ways. Other theory methods often test understanding through limited lenses, but SMT looks at theory from multiple angles and ways of thinking.

Leonidas Varahidis - Toronto

Working with Smart Music Theory has been of great benefit to me and to my students.  With multiple split grade classes, the ability to provide students with clear units of work that allows them to work independently with confidence is a game changer.  I am now able to address individual student needs by circulating around the classroom as they work to ensure student understanding and success!

Deborah Pady - Toronto

I used Smart Music Theory with my strings and vocal classes with great success. The lessons are sequential and worksheets are very nicely laid out to enhance students’ understanding. I love that they are packaged into booklets so you can hand it out at one time to students to work at the pace you set.

Camilla Rayman - Toronto

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