Smart String Teacher Publications

For Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass

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Smart Music Theory Publications

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A Mnemonic for Memorizing the Major Keys

  Great for the studio or the classroom, this poster makes the major keys easy to memorize!  Posters are in high quality PDF format and can be sent to your local copy shop for printing. All licenses are for limited … Read More

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Traditional Music

For Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass

Smart Fiddle Tunes for Strings

Looking for fiddle tunes to teach the class?  Need tunes transposed for viola, cello and bass? Did you know that there are many, many skills you can teach through fiddle tunes?  Read about all the great reasons to teach fiddle … Read More

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Free Stuff

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Hoodie-Free Zone!

Highschoolers…. They seem to live and sleep in their hoodies these days!  But they get in the way of holding the violin and viola properly. Finally, tired of reminding my violin and viola students to remove their hoodies, I made … Read More

Teach by Finger Pattern: Free Blank Fingering Charts

When I started to teach by finger pattern, one of the first activities I had my students do was to draw the fingering charts for each of the keys they were learning.  This is a great way to give students … Read More

Note-Reading for Strings Handout and Worksheets

This handy reference for note-reading on violin, viola, cello and bass is great to have to reinforce music-reading skills. Download it for free, or purchase it along with the worksheets. Worksheets help reinforce note-reading and fingering on all strings, and … Read More

Teach By Finger Pattern: Get Started With Free Finger Pattern Handouts!

Using just six finger patterns can greatly simplify how you teach violin, viola, cello and double bass.  I first wrote about The Six Basic Finger Patterns back when I started this blog.  Since then, I’ve created many materials and strategies you … Read More

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