Note-Reading for Strings Handout and Worksheets

This handy reference for note-reading on violin, viola, cello and bass is great to have to reinforce music-reading skills. Download it for free, or purchase it along with the worksheets.

Worksheets help reinforce note-reading and fingering on all strings, and help students see note-reading patterns.  They also include some very basic composition.

Violin and viola versions include fourth finger on the highest string.  Bass version includes 2nd position C and D on the G-string.

This is a downloadable product.  You will need a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader to read and print.

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Note-Reading for Strings – with worksheets

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Free Download – handout page only

Free Note-Reading for Strings - PDF - handout page only


The handout and worksheets are great for helping to reinforce music-reading skills in the beginning stages.  They are also great to give to the students who are having trouble and need the visual and tactile reinforcement to understand note-reading.

Students can practice writing the notes, and naming and fingering each note.  Exercises are presented by string, and by fingerings, so that students can see visual patterns. Violin and Viola students are introduced to the 4th finger on the highest string.  Bass players are introduced to two possible fingerings in 2nd position on the G-String.

There is also a simple composition exercise at the end where students can write a melody, which their partner can perform for the class!

(Remember, future updates and the addition of new worksheets and tests will be free!)




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  1. shimpj
    | Reply

    How many worksheets come with this?

    • SmartMusicTeacher
      | Reply

      At the moment, there is one double-sided worksheet for each instrument. Updates are included, and I plan to add more, probably this year, as well as quizzes. I find that one worksheet is enough to get the point across.

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