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Are you struggling to teach stringed instruments you don’t play?

Do you want to teach all the instruments with more confidence?

Want to troubleshoot and solve problems more easily?


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Every string teacher wants a solid grounding in string pedagogy.  However, resources are few, and often involve significant cost in fees, travel, accommodation, and a large investment in your time. Until now!  Smart String Teacher is the first online training program designed to give you a solid foundation in teaching string technique, no matter what your string-playing background, and no matter where you are!


Teaching Beginner Strings Made Easy will guide you step-by-step on how to easily and confidently teach the first year of beginning strings in just 4 weeks.


In Smart String Teacher Part 1: Teaching Beginner Strings Made Easy, you will learn very simple and effective strategies for teaching string technique through learning to confidently play a secondary instrument.  Not only that, as you are learning I will also show you valuable tips on how to easily troubleshoot and fix the most common beginner problems.

See how easily this participant was able to fix the bow holds of her most challenging students in just ONE DAY and ONLINE!


You should have access to the instrument you would like to play in order to participate and you should bring the method book you use at school.  We will be starting from scratch and I will be going through the exact process that I take my students through in their first year. See below for the course content.


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Price includes Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.


Summer Dates Coming Soon!

Please join the Waiting List and get $25USD off your first course this summer!




What participants are saying:

80% of participants rated the class extremely helpful, and 20% very helpful.

90% of participants came away with ‘a lot’ or a heck of a whole lot’ of new ideas.

90% of participants feel much more confident teaching strings after taking the class.

70% of participants rated SST’s techniques very easy to incorporate into their classrooms, and 30% rated them easy.

100% of participants found the learn-to-play format very helpful.



“Grace has a way of making things so clear and easy!”

“I learned more about playing and teaching strings from this course than any course I ever took in university.”

“Yes I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to teach orchestral strings. The class is well crafted, the material clearly presented. And it’s fun!”

“The specific tips on starting to play a string instrument were very useful. It helped me to sort out the complicated process of playing a tricky instrument….I highly recommend this course to others as there are many valuable tips for novice and experienced teachers alike!” – Lindsey


“I liked how this course was hands-on and not just talking. I feel more confident now that I will be able to help my students’ technique improve.” – Melanie


“I appreciated seeing all the strategies and techniques for the cello while also seeing how it connects to my own experience playing violin. Very helpful!” – Julia


“Your inclusive and low key manner of introducing everything is a welcome change from many “teaching “ methods that quickly become rigid and off-putting to so many students. If I had found a teacher like you as a child I would have come much farther in the musical world. Thank you!” – Mac


“The free class was a great review and I registered for the complete course so that I can learn more, I can see it’s worthy!” – Giovanni


“This was a great opportunity to experience a step-by-step process for teaching beginner strings. Valuable insight from the perspective of both teacher and student!” – Elizabeth


“I would definitely recommend this class. Grace had a lot of easy to implement teaching strategies and she was extremely helpful in correcting my own playing. ” – Karen


“Grace’s class is very focused and hands-on. It gives all of the tools one needs to be successful in the string classroom in a way that is engaging and creative.” – Will


“I now feel more confident demonstrating proper posture/bow hold, navigating the fingerboard, and troubleshooting common errors. I definitely recommend this course to all new non-string music educators teaching strings!” – Michael
“I love teaching strings and I will incorporate some of Grace’s ideas into my class…. I definitely would recommend this course to others, especially for non-string players!” – Mardi


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Course Content:


  • How to set up your instruments.
  • How to set up the classroom
  • Tips for choosing instruments for your students.

Bow Hold

  • How to teach the perfect bow hold in 5 minutes.
  • Keys to establishing proper bowing technique.
  • Troubleshooting common bow hold and bowing problems.

Instrument Hold

  • How to teach the perfect instrument hold in 5 minutes.
  • Keys to establishing proper left hand technique
  • Troubleshooting common instrument hold problems.


  • Putting the bow to the string.
  • Playing their first notes.
  • Teaching tunes by ear.


  • How to spot and fix common playing problems.
  • Recognizing which problems are symptoms of other underlying causes.
  • Anticipating problems and being pro-active about preventing them.

Introducing Music Reading

  • What method books should I use?
  • When is the best time to introduce note-reading?
  • How do I reinforce or make note-reading easier?

Introduction to Finger Patterns

  • How to introduce the 6 basic finger patterns.
  • How to make playing in different key signatures really easy!
  • How to introduce the 4th finger on violin and viola.

Double Bass Tips

  • How to choose your double bass players
  • Being pro-active with double basses
  • Introducing shifting early

Playing 2-Octave Scales

  • How to make scales really easy to teach.
  • How to introduce shifting for the first time.
  • How to help students read fingering charts.

Introducing intonation

  • How to teach students to listen for and adjust their intonation successfully in just one lesson!
  • What students don’t understand about playing in tune.
  • Helping students listen to themselves.

How to make beginner strings sound really good!

  • Tips for teaching musicality.
  • Tips for teaching effective dynamics.
  • Tips for teaching bowing technique.

You will also get:

  • Access to all the replays of each class for one year, so you can review the material when you need it.
  • Bonus Lesson:  How to teach vibrato in just five minutes!
  • Smart String Teacher Part 1 – Certificate of Completion