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Many of my publications are (or will be) accompanied by SMT YouTube lessons, which are FREE.

Many of my materials are free.  Feel free to support me by making a donation.

For the materials that took me more time to develop, I am selling publication licenses as described below:

SMT Purchasing and Copyright Agreement

  • All publications with licenses allow you limited physical reproduction rights according to the descriptions below.
  • Digital and electronic reproduction and sharing of publications is NOT permitted.
  • You will be asked to enter the name of the license holder upon checkout.  For example, if the document is for a school, please enter the school’s name.
  • Your document will be custom stamped at the bottom as follows:

“Permission is granted to licensee #[order no.] for limited reproduction according to SMT Copyright Agreement.”

  • All publications are sold with the agreement that ‘limited reproduction’ is defined as the following:

Individual licenses are for physical copies for one person only, and their immediate family.
Private Teacher licenses are for physical copies for the immediate students of one private teacher.
School/Studio licenses are purchased by one school, studio or other facility and are for physical copies for the students of that facility.

  • Copies of publications are not to be resold.  You may however, charge a small fee to recover the actual costs of printing.
  • You will be allowed up to 5 attempts to download your document.
  • All updates are FREE. You will be notified by SendOwl of any updates, unless you opt out of those emails.  Updates may include corrections, modifications, the addition of new material, etc.
  • If you make any errors in your license or purchase, feel free to contact me for assistance.

Thank you for supporting me by observing this agreement.