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Free Major Scales Mnemonic Mini-Postcards
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Download my Major Key Mnemonic mini postcards for free to share with your students.  They come in a sheet of 8 that you can print double-sided. On the front is my fun Major Scales mnemonic. On the back is the … Read More

Start Stringed Instruments Playing By Ear
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It is very common for string teachers, whether they be classroom teachers or private violin, viola and cello teachers, to start their students off playing by ear.  This sets up a foundation for intonation and listening. Because playing a stringed … Read More

A Mnemonic for Memorizing the Major Keys
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  Great for the studio or the classroom!  Posters are in high quality PDF format and can be sent to your local copy shop for printing. All licenses are for limited reproduction for the use of one private teacher or … Read More