Smart Music Teacher

Hi, my name is Grace and I have been teaching strings at the high school level, and privately, for over 20 years.

I called this blog, and my YouTube channel, Smart Music Teacher because I love coming up with creative solutions to the daily challenge of teaching music.  Once in a while, I create something brilliant while I am teaching, and that makes me feel really smart! I’m sure you all have had moments like that too; the ones that make you feel like you are awesome!

Teaching music can be challenging, as there are many concepts that students find hard to grasp, particularly when it comes to music theory.  These are the daily challenges that I love to try to come up with creative solutions for.

Teaching strings also has its own challenges.  We are always struggling with so many elements of technique and intonation, and just plain coordination, before a student can even make a decent sound.  I am so excited to be able to share with you many exciting ways I have found to make strings much simpler to teach.

I created this blog to share ideas to help make teaching and learning music easy for you.  I also want everyone to have more great moments of feeling like a really Smart Music Teacher!  Not only that, I want to share my ideas so that together, we can elevate the level of music learning.  I want more students to reach a higher level of success, so that when they leave us they will have achieved a skill level where they will be more likely to continue performing and perpetuating the love of making music.

Whether you are a new or seasoned music teacher, I hope you enjoy my ideas!

Grace Law