Fiddle Tunes for the String Class

Looking for fiddle tunes to teach the class?  Need tunes transposed for viola, cello and bass?

I use these tune sheets to teach fiddle tunes to my classes every year.  You can read about why and how I teach fiddle music in my next post.

In the collection are standard fiddle tunes in the Irish, (and soon to come) Cape Breton, Acadian, and East Coast Canadian styles.  On each page is one tune I have transposed for treble, alto and bass clef.  This allows you to give out the same sheet to the whole class.  This also makes it easy for the students to play with any other string player as they can read off the same page.

Many of the tunes below are supported with videos and playlists on the SMT Youtube Channel so students can practice at home and explore different styles, and so you don’t have to feel self-conscious demonstrating a style you aren’t familiar with.


The SMT Fiddle Tunes for Strings


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Irish Jigs

The Irish Washerwoman – very recognizable, easy and catchy tune

The Kesh Jig – very common session tune, featured in the party scene in the Titanic movie

Morrison’s – very common Em jig

The Blarney Pilgrim – a 3-part jig, featured in the dance scene in the Titanic movie




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